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"Bonita's hands are anointed for Natural Hair!"

Bonita's hands are anointed for Natural Hair!  Her work, hair products and her personality are good for your hair and soul!  Bonita is professional, a blast to talk too with an infectious laugh!  She is an amazing God gifted woman!  She washed and styled my locs using the best natural hair products and takes her time!  My scalp feels refreshed and cared for!  Bonita works with all natural hair textures.  As a friend and client, Bonita has the utmost respect and inspiration for natural hair care and hair health.  Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment TODAY!  Bonita comes highly recommended!  I love you Bonita!

- Anitra Simpson

"Anointed Hands!"

I would like to speak to those of you who may be browsing around looking for a stylist or a hair salon.  I would like to take the time and say I Truly Thank God For my Hair Stylist Bonita Garner.  She is definitely Anointed and Appointed by God.  The reason I Love her work is because she does an exceptional job and she believes in promoting Healthy Hair.  My natural hair is so healthy now since she has been doing it.  My experience with her doing my hair has been great!  She has a Beautiful Spirit inside and out and she knows how to treat her clients with so much respect.  All I Can Say Is To God Be The Glory!!

-Debra Frazier


"Hooked Me Up!"

Wow! What an awesome experience I had being styled by Bonita. It was first time requesting jumbo braids with synthetic hair added. Having been natural for over 15 years with never using weave, I was quite nervous but wanted to try out a new style. I simply showed Bonita the style and color I wanted and she “hooked me up.” Not only was she professional and knowledgeable about this style with my natural hair, but as a wheelchair user, she was very accommodating and went the extra mile to make everything accessible for me. This kind of service is simply a representation of the wonderful woman and stylist she is. I highly recommend her to all.

-Monique Johnson


"She did the dog gone thing!"

I want to send a SHOUT OUT to my hair stylist. She did the dog gone thing with my hair. She's such a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit and it just spills over into what she does as a hair stylist. She educates you about natural hair and how to care for your hair. You haven't had a great experience until you have had an appointment with Bonita Garner!

-Latonya Stinson


"Bonita has the most relaxing hands!"

I really wanted the best hair for my once-in-a-lifetime cruise pictures, but my hair, as usual, did not want to work with me. Thank goodness for Bonita! She and her gifted hands swooped in to save the day - and the pictures!

Bonita’s hands transformed my out-of-control frizz to a beautiful, sleek loveliness that enhanced my cut and curls. She worked with my hair to understand its inclinations and desires and then she made my hair behave. She’s patient, kind, and knows how to best change your look to suit you.

I’ve watched her work with my other friend, Katrina, with her hair and have been inspired by Katrina’s hair transformation.

I highly recommend (and do!) Bonita to anyone who is looking to go natural and add the Bonita Style to their hair.

-Sarah Drier


"I took a chance and it was the best thing I could have done for my hair!"

My hair has been natural for almost 3 years. Throughout that time I did everything myself, ie washing, deep conditioning, trimming,. I am currently in school and as of August of 2018 I took on the hardest semester I have ever had and to say I was stressed would be an understatement. My hair was the least of my concerns but my hair is also a depiction of who I am so I could not stop caring about it. I did not trust a beauty salon to treat my hair with care the way I do but I knew I needed help. My mom recommended Bonita because she was in beauty school to specifically handle natural hair. I took a chance and it was the best thing I could have done for my hair. Bonita asked questions about my hair that helped her to work with care and efficiency. She provides a peaceful environment and good conversation if needed. My hair always looks great when I walk out the door. I am very happy to have found the service Bonita provides!

-Camille England


"Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Stylist!"


A woman's hair is her crown and glory.

It is important for us to look and feel great.  Bonita Garner is an excellent hairstylist who is always professional, patient and kind.  In addition, she is trustworthy, reliable and always make sure that her clients are pleased and satisfied with the outcome of their new look.  I have know Bonita for 20 years and I am truly blessed to have her as my hairstylist.  She is full of ideas and inspiration for new styles, haircuts and color.  Bonita is very creative and has a good eye - every hair must be in place before you leave her chair.  I always feel like I have Bonita's undivided attention when she does my hair and I fully trust her honest advice and discretion.  She has done an amazing job in ensuring that my hair is healthy and always compliments my style.  I get very excited when I make an appointment because I know it will be the best hair wash and style ever!  She loves a challenge and is not afraid to try something new.  Bonita Garner, you are simply the best!  Thanks very much for all you do and continue to take care of your clients.

-Andrea Burnell-McLean

"She is very professional and has the most gentle hands!"


I had been looking for someone to help me with my natural hair journey. I saw Bonita’s photos and how beautiful and healthy her own hair is and felt that she was who I had been looking for. When I reached out to her she was very excited to help me achieve the protective style that I wanted for the winter. I loved how she patiently listened to what I wanted and went the extra mile to make sure I would be satisfied. She is very professional and has the most gentle hands. I love my hair and look forward to continuing my hair journey with Bonita’s Gifted Hands. 

                                                 -Tracey Ford 

"I have never been disappointed!" 


It took me a while to find someone who could do protective styles on my natural hair. I had major hair loss and my hair was dry and brittle. Now, my natural hair is the healthiest it has ever been! It is shiny and I have had lots of new growth. If you’re looking for someone who cares about your natural hair journey, you found the right place. Bonita is kind considerate and professional! She listens to your concerns and offer suggestions to help. I have never been disappointed!  

                                                   -Katrina Carter 


"I have noticed my hair grow from not being healthy to healthy!" 


Having Bonita as a hair dresser has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I have now been with her for three years and have noticed my hair grow from not being healthy to heatlhy.  Bonita truly does have a ministry in enriching women to be themselves but also staying holy.  

                                                   -Kathy Johnson

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