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two strand twist - rod set ends.jpg
back view - two strand twist - rod set e

Natural Styles

Two Strand Twist w/ Rod Set Ends
blow out - front view.jpg
blow out - back view.jpg
Blow Out 
flat twist side view.jpg
flat twist creative up do.jpg
Creative Flat Twist Updo

Crochet Styles

Crochet box braid style .jpg
Crochet Box Braids (Client Selfie)
3D Bob (Signature Crochet Style).jpg
Crochet 3-D Bob
Crochet Passion Twist Updated.jpg
Crochet Passion Twist
Crochet Faux Locs Updated.jpg
Crochet Faux Locs
Crochet Ocean Wave.jpg
Crochet Ocean Wave


~Feed-In Bun with a touch of color for t
Braided Bun 
3 layer feed in braids side view.jpg
Box braids.jpg
box braid bob.jpg
Box Braid Bob
Box Braids
3 Layer Feed in Braids
knotless box braids.jpg
small marley twist.jpg
Knotless Box Braids
Marley Twist (Client Selfie)
~Stitch Feed In Braids for this new clie
Stitch Feed In Braids
sisters visit the salon.jpg
What happens when sisters visit the salon?  A fun time for sure!! :)  Both young ladies are rocking Feed In Braids.

Sew Ins

lace front full sew in 2.jpg
lace front full sew in.jpg
Sew in with leave out.jpg
sew in circular hand made closure.jpg
Lace Front Closure
Full Sew In
Sew In w/Leave Out
Full Sew In w/Hand Made Circular Closure


Loc maintenance front view palm roll met
Loc maintenance back view palm roll meth
Loc Maintenance - Palm Roll Method
Starter locs - two strand twist front vi
Starter locs - two strand twist back vie
Starter Locs - 2 Strand Twist Method
starter locs - coils front view.jpg
Starter locs -coils back view.jpg
Starter Locs - Coils
Starter locs - two strand twist front vi
Starter locs - two strand twist side vie
Starter Locs - 2 Strand Twist Method
Loc style side view.jpg
loc style back view.jpg
2 Strand Twist - Locs.jpg
2 Strand Twist -Locs Side View.jpg
Two Strand Twist Loc Style
Men's braids #3.jpg
Men's braids #2.jpg
Men's braids #1.jpg
Men's braids #4.jpg

Kids Styles

kids flat twist style.jpg
kid's braids beads.jpg
kids blow out.jpg
kids lemonade braids.jpg
kids feed in braids side ponytail.jpg
kids box braids.jpg
kids feed in braids w beads.jpg

Flat Twist Style

Corn Rows W/Beads

Blow Out

Feed In Braids W/Beads

Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Feed In Braid Ponytail

Box Braids

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Results after teaming up with Crown Slayer Salon.......

Results Image #1.jpg
Results Image #3.jpg

4 months of results...

7 months of results...

10 months of results...

2 strand twist combo style.jpg
2 Strand & Flat Twist Combo Style
Crochet Bomb Twist.jpg
Crochet Sengalese Twist.jpg
Crochet Bomb Twist
Crochet Goddess Senegalese Twist

Men's Braids

Loc Creative Style

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